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Welcome to my One True Home in the Internet World.

This is an introduction for English speakers.

Imaginarium Kim is where "I" keeps all her writings. I say "I" and talk about her in the third person, because "I" is many things.

Agora Phantasmagoria

This is my English persona. She loves voluntary solitude, comfortable silence, and words like terra incognita and mare incognitum. Think earth, think ocean, think space and dreamscapes.

There are Korean stories under her name because some of her English originals have been tranlated into Korean.

Aim Han

This is my Korean persona. She loves the grotesque, and what I call the Crazy Sweet Flowerbed. She's the embodiment of the very thin shred of extroversion that lurks somewhere inside me. That's why she's the persona I use when working with Modern Grotesque Times and any external English-to-Korean translation works.

Noct Moll

This is my retired persona. She used to write in English. She occasionally posts something about nostalgic moments from way way past. Just imagine her sitting at a tropical beach or near a magnificent mountain and eating ice cream, watching while the other personas toil in order to survive in the working world.

By the way, I didn't just make up these characteristics because I wanted to. I really do write different things in different languages, and it happens naturally. I have different personalities in different languages. It probably has something to do with the order in which I learned them, the environment in which I learned/use them, etc.

You can talk to me in English. 한국말도 됩니다. Oder Deutsch... obwohl ich nicht ganz fließend bin und wahrscheinlich auf Englisch antworten werde.

Anyway, these three personas have one thing in common:

They love doing what they love ALL. DAY. LONG.

What they love to do = storytelling.

Everything in my life is centered around maximizing the time I spend on what I want to do. (Even Noct's retirement had something to do with maximizing storytelling time.)


You can start reading the English stories here.

If you speak Korean and/or just wanna see what Korean looks like, the Korean stories are here.

All fiction stories start with free chapter(s). After that, the site is subscription-based.

If you're not into written stories, check out my Spotify playlists. (Standard disclaimer: I don't get paid from anybody for making these playlists. The artists/rights holders get paid. No one is endorsing anybody. You need your personal Spotify account to listen.)


  • Some of my stories have cursing and violence. So far, there haven't been any sex scenes, but who knows what the future will bring? So, please only proceed if you're okay with all kinds of elements that are usually associated with Rated-R stories.
  • I do not promise a set number of new words or chapters per month. The reason is simple: like all things that live, I might die tomorrow. That is why, while you have an active subscription to Imaginarium Kim, you can read everything that's been written up to that point in time. The total amount of writing on this site will always increase, never decrease.
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That's all.

Thanks for stopping by.
May many win-wins fill your life.

-Agora/Aim/Noct/Imaginarium Kim/all the many me's-